HELLO, FROM SOMEWHERE: Stories of the Roads I Traveled (A Memoir)

A debut memoir of author Metty Pellicer’s mostly solo travels after her husband passed. She offers colorful and humorous stories of the travels that has taken her around the globe. Along the way, she encountered brothels in the ruins of Pompeii “with frescoes of all the ways you can copulate,” the blue ice of Antarctica, a lion kill in Africa, and much more. She writes about her loss and aging, but mostly about the thrill and empowerment of travel.

from miman

FROM MIMAN, WITH LOVE: A Grandmother’s Memoir

A personal memoir written by a grandmother to her granddaughter that will appeal to readers interested in personal accounts of immigration, particularly stories from the Philippines. It is about overcoming racial and gender discrimination, and making it in America, of being in love, and of the pain of losing a husband. In the end, it offers closure and continuation of the journey, dreaming new adventures and following a different road.