The JBP Professorial Chair in Medical Informatics

Update on The JBP Professorial Chair in Medical Informatics in the UPCM

In November 2004, the PGAG (Philippine Golf Association in GA) , which Johnny founded, together with family and friends held an auction fund raiser at Roswell River Landing to raise $10,000 to complete the minimum $20,000 funding required to establish the Johnny B. Pellicer Professorial Chair in Medical Informatics in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. The Chair was approved by the Board of Regents of the UPCM in January 2005. It is directed to support faculty in publishing and presenting scientific papers internationally and in supporting the mission of the MIU. It awarded the first grant in 2006 to Dr. Alvin Marcelo. Dr. Marcelo, UPCM ’99, and a TOYM Awardee in 2005, was the first Director of the Medical Informatics Department in the UPCM. Among his projects were:

**Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS)- Finalist in Health Category,
Stockholm Challenge, 2006
**Named Top 3 Government Projects by APEC Digital Opportunity Center in the Philippines
**Buddy Works Tele-Health Project
**Doctor to the Barrios Program

Dr. Marcelo Delivered the JBP Professorial Chair Lecture in the UPMASA Annual Grand Convention in Las Vegas, July 1-5, 2007 on “ Integrating the Philippine Health Care System through Tele-Health”

Dr. Marcelo has been tapped by Phil Health to integrate the country’s health system because of his long involvement in medical informatics. He was replaced by Dr. Eric Badiola who became the 2nd recipient of the JBP Chair.

During Dr. Badiola’s 3-year tenure he started a program of interest-free loans to allow students and faculty to purchase an ipad.

The current Director of Medical Informatics is Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan, and is the recipient of the Chair. She is overseeing the transition of the UPCM to the University Virtual Learning environment (UVLe) and administering the MS Health Informatics Track. The MIU is a major player in capacity building for health informatics and conducting training workshops for standards such as OpenEHR, HL7, HIE, etc. These standards are major components in the Philippine eHealth Strategy and Framework of the Department of Health and Department of Science and Technology. She delivered the JBP Professorial Chair lecture at the 2019 ASEAN Federation of Endocrine Societies convention last November 2019.

The Use of Social Media for Journals and Researchers
Johnny B. Pellicer Professorial Chair in Medical Informatics lecture
by Iris Thiele Isip Tan MD, MScThere exists a research-practice gap that may partly be due to the ineffective dissemination of research to non-research audiences such as policy makers and the general public. Social media is one channel that researchers and scientific journals need to learn to use. Because as Dr. Daniel Cabrera has said, “ … our job is not to create knowledge obscura, trapped in ivory towers and only accessible to the enlightened; the knowledge we create and manage needs to impact our communities.”

The presentation will tackle metrics such as the Kardashian Index, the [Fifty Shades of] Grey Scale and Altmetrics for researchers and scientific journals. The ways by which a journal’s visibility online may be improved will be discussed.

The Chair is administered through UPMASA-PEF (University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America-Permanent Endowment Fund), a 501(C)(3) corporation, Tax ID # 37-1099415. It is a perpetual fund and disburses 5% of its invested income annually. The Chair awarded grants of $1100 in FY 2006, $1300 in FY 2007, $1500 in FY2008, and $2400 in FY2014,

2015-2016            $3,289.00
2016-2017            $3,443.00
2017-2018            $3,638.00
2018-2019            $3,683.00
2019-2020            $3,658.00
TOTAL:                $17,711.00

Donations to the Chair are as follows:
FY 2004 $10,392
FY 2005 $12,357, minimum funding of $20,000 corpus satisfied ($10,000 raised with PGAG)
FY 2006 NONE
FY 2007 $3700 ($1850 raised by PGAG)
FY 2007 $5000
Total Corpus Funding as of 2014: $48,000

The valuation on Dec 31, 2019 for the Johnny B Pellicer Professorial Chair was  $73,864.58.

We would like to grow the body of this fund so it can award a bigger grant and do more good.

Thank you.